Anna Kournikova Original Russian Blond

Anna Kournikova – The Original Russian Blond Bombshell. Anna might not have won a single grand slam, but she managed to win the attention of everyone with her ultra hot model looks and fashion sense. Anna blurred the line between an athlete and a fashion model. It is difficult to estimate which made her more money, her endorsement deals or her tennis winnings. Anna made Adidas tennis wear fashionable, taking it from the courts to everyday wear. Her gorgeous figure along with her sultry looks and long blond tresses adorned many a swimsuit calendar and magazine center spreads. Anna was the first in the line of 'Russian Tennis Beauties' and I feel she was responsible for many of them picking up the tennis racket in the first place. She continues to make headlines, either as a brand ambassador for a host of luxury products or for her relationship with singer Enrique Iglesias. Her most (in)famous ad campaign had to be the one for Ber lei's shock absorber range of sports bra with the tag line "Only the ball should bounce". We disagree